Why we gather

Every week, we gather together from different parts of our city, from various neighborhoods, working different jobs and participating in different activities because God has brought us into his family. He hasn’t placed us in an organization, or incorporated us into a business, or granted us membership of an exclusive club, but rather, he has brought us into His Family.


Worship Services

Sundays 9am & 10:45am

Youth Services

Sundays @ 10:45am (6th - 8th)
Wednesdays @ 6:45pm (7th - 12th)

kids Services

Sundays 9am & 10:45am (K - 5th)

A Worship Service

There are a number of elements that you will experience in a worship service. These two words “worship” and “service” are of extreme importance. We come together to offer our worship to God–declaring Him to be the only one worthy of our fullest affection and to which our lives are directed. Also, we come together in a posture of service. Over centuries, the church has common elements of worship that have become a framework by which we offer ourselves to God.


As we gather, we sing together. Songs have been a part of the collaborative worship of God’s People for over two thousand years and stretch all the way back to the formation of God’s People. 

Greeting One Another

As we gather, we take time to acknowledge the fact that God has brought a mixture of people together that probably wouldn't meet in any other circumstances.

Corporate Prayer

We take time to offer ourselves to God in prayer together. One person usually leads this time, but this doesn't mean we aren't all participating. We realize that this prayer is being offered from our congregation, not just this one person.


We take time to read the passage together and hear preaching that draws our hearts to make much of Jesus in the entirety of our lives. We often will say that we not only examine God's Word, but we want God's Word to examine our lives.



Jesus left his church with two special practices, Communion and Baptism. They both uniquely communicate the faithfulness of God.

Communion (“Eucharist” or “The Lord’s Supper”)

Is a thankful reminder of the faithfulness of God on display in Jesus' death. With the bread representing his body given for us and the cup representing his blood shed for us.


A sign of God's faithfulness in doing what he promised through Jesus. Baptism is like a picture of Jesus' death and resurrection that we get to experience tangibly. We are reminded of our faith that unifies us with Jesus in his death and resurrection.

Generous Giving

We regularly give financially because we see our money as a resource God has placed in our hands. He allows us yet another avenue by which we can declare to our hearts that He is Lord of all.


We usually end with a benediction. This means simply a good word. However, this isn’t just a good word from the pastor to the congregation, but a blessing that we receive from God.


Questions about our worship services

How long is a worship service?

Our services are usually around 80 minutes in length. This time fluctuates by about 5 - 10 minutes each week.

I've got kids...so, what do I do?

If you have children, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the service, to check-in your children to their service and/or class. Our nurseries (infants - toddlers) are located off the lobby of the Auditorium. Our preschool area (2 years - 5 years) is down the stairs off our Café. The Kid's Auditorium is where you will bring your elementary age children (K - 5th).

Do you take attendance?

We place a high value on relationships. Around the middle of the service, there will be a sign-in sheet that will come down your row. If this is your first time with us, we ask that you fill this out so we can connect with you.

What should I bring?

Make sure to bring a Bible. The Bible is the story of God and is our rule of faith and conduct. Our services are very intentionally driven by Scripture. If you forget it at home, we do have chair Bibles available. If you do not have a Bible, please stop by our Info Center.


We don't really have a dress code. In our congregation, you will experience a variety of styles of dress. Some come in shorts, some wear a tie. Just to give you a general idea, our pastors usually wear jeans and a button up shirt.

We are planning our first visit, where should we park?

If you are joining us for the first time, please check our north parking lot for our visitor parking. These spaces are located in the center section directly in front of the Chapel building.

The parking lot is full, where else can we park?

We have two main parking lots. The north lot is a smaller parking lot and is located directly next to our campus. This will typically fill up first and traffic will then flow to our south lot. The south lot is located directly south of our campus on Power Road and Dallas Road.

Do you guys have carts?

Glad you asked! On Sundays, our north lot typically fills up rather quickly. Due to this, we run carts back and forth from our south lot to our main campus. If you park in the south lot, a cart may come to your car to pick you up. If this doesn't happen, then you can wait by the tent located in the far northeast corner of the lot and a cart will come by shortly.

I have more questions...who do I ask?

If you have questions while on campus, find someone with a blue name tag to ask for assistance. We would love to help you get connected here in a greater way!