A Simple Introduction

The first thing we would like you to know about us is that we love Jesus.

His love has transformed and is transforming us as a church. Jesus is the very center of history and we exist to put him on display. We also realize that we are not the only church in this area. God is at work in many amazing ways through many various churches and we love that we are invited to participate in what he is doing in our city.

If you are a part of a local church, we encourage you to put your roots down deep there, support godly leadership, show generosity, and live on mission in your congregation and community. Our desire is to bless, love, and serve our neighbor wherever God has sent us. This means that we desire to be a congregation that loves neighbors in their neighborhood, working in their vocation to the best of their ability, serving the needs of our larger community, and seeking ways in which we can be a blessing to those leading our city.


We are part of God’s family and shaped by God’s story to be sent on God’s mission.

We gather

We value the gathering of our congregation together. Each week, we come together from different neighbors, working in various vocations, and inhabiting different life stages, to declare our union through Jesus. You will notice in our gatherings a group of people that seek to love one another and serve one another, because of Jesus.

When we gather to worship, we are interacting with the God who created everything! And yet, He loves us so much that He desires to be involved in the smallest details of our lives.
— Bill
Worship services are where we are able to gather with like-minded people who are all part of God’s amazing story. The services help strengthen us to go and live out God’s plan.
— Mark

We Scatter

We value the scattering of our congregation into the world. During the week, we connect together through smaller communities called Via Communities. These are small groups based around where we live that help us grow in becoming disciples of Jesus, care for one another, and live on God's mission together.

My Via Community is made up of people in my neighborhood living a common narrative where I feel a sense of belonging. It’s a very special place where I can be vulnerable without risks, loved for who I am, and actively share in joys and trials.
— Terri
2017-01-08 (22).jpg
My Via Community is an anchor I return to, from which I venture out. It fills me and sustains me, before going back in–but not of–the world...
— Tim

Office hours

Monday- thursday 8:30 am-5pm

740 North Power Road
Mesa, AZ, 85205
United States

480 985 8121

Service times

sundays at 9am & 10:45am