Reflecting the hope of Christ so others can do the same

Join us Sundays at 9am & 10:45am


Reflecting the hope of Christ so others can do the same

Join us Sundays at 9am & 10:45am


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9AM & 10:45AM

The Bible is the true story of the world and Jesus is the central person of this story. The name of our church reflects this understanding. Via simply means "way" and comes from one of Jesus’ statements in the Gospel of John where he declares himself to be the way that God has come to us.

"I am the way, and the truth, and the life."
-Jesus (John 14:6)

The good news is that Jesus is making all things new and we are stewards of this good news.Each week we gather together to celebrate the restoration work that Jesus has done in our hearts and is doing in our world.


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Our Values

The following values are not merely aspirational. These are things that Via Church values more than normal. These have formed over many years of decisions and practice. You will find these values expressed in very tangible and noticeable ways when attending our services and being a part of our faith community. We aren’t perfect at these things, but we work to nurture these valuable qualities. They often guide us as we make decisions on new ministries and direction.


We are unapologetically Bible-based because there is no other source that reveals to us the truth of God in a greater way.


We intentionally pursue authenticity in our relationships because it is impossible to grow in your faith without it.


We are purposefully sent into our world to be a blessing to those that are near and far from God because God sent Jesus to us and the Holy Spirit sends us to others.


We are passionately committed to serve generations other than our own because my preference is secondary when it comes to the needs of others.


We indiscriminately care for the needs of others above our own because Christ became a servant for us.