New City Catechism

In his letter to the Galatians Paul writes, “Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches” (Gal. 6:6). The Greek word for “the one who is taught” is katechoumenos, one who is catechized. In other words, Paul is talking about a body of Christian doctrine (catechism) that was taught to them by an instructor (here the word catechizer). The words “all good things” probably mean financial support as well. In this light, the word koinoneo—which means “to share” or “to have fellowship”—becomes even richer. The salary of a Christian teacher is not to be seen simply as a payment but a “fellowship.” Catechesis is not just one more service to be paid for, but is a rich fellowship and mutual sharing of the gifts of God. (from Timothy Keller)


The process of catechesis is a lost practice. In essence, this type of learning involves question/answer moments between the learner and the teacher. Catechism is a communal journey guiding learners to wrestle with the essential elements of knowing and trusting Jesus. Catechism is about community. Community with the historic church, the global church, and the local church.

There are 52 questions, one per week of the year. Set your own pace for how much you want to focus your family on each week’s content. Try to memorize not only the answer but also the verse each week.

Card Deck

This 52-card deck was developed at Via Church to aid families in making this catechism a part of their daily rhythms of life. Each card features the question and answer, along with the Scripture and the prayer for that week.

($5, available online or at the Bookshelf)


This book contains the entire catechism with both of the small and large versions side-by-side.

($8, available online or at the Bookshelf)


This devotional contains the entire text for the catechism, plus particular writings for each week, one from major figures in church history and one from more modern day figures.

($20, available online or at the Bookshelf)