During our four weeks of advent, we will participate in various types of giving. We give during this season to remind ourselves of the foundation of the Gospel, that God gave himself for us.



Sunday, November 26

Every breath that you take has been given to you by God. This is a stunning thing to consider, but God our sustainer holds all things together...including our very breath.

When you consider the time that has been given to you by God, how do you steward this gift? We would ask you to use this moment in our advent giving to develop some rhythms of prayer in your life. As you pray, bring these areas before God–our church, our city and our world.


Sunday, December 3

Before a meal we say a prayer, but do we really consider what we are thanking God for? When we give thanks, we are praising God for his goodness in supplying us with provision. God is our supplier and this ought to be a regular reminder in our lives.

With this in mind, during this week of advent giving, we will seek to provide for others food items. See below for a list of items to bring. There will be a collection bin in the courtyard for these items.

The most needed non-perishable food items are:

  • Peanut Butter 
  • Canned Meat
  • Canned Fruit/Vegetables
  • Cereal - whole grain, low sugar
  • Soups, Stews, Chili, Beans
  • Canned or Dried Milk
  • Rice and Pasta
  • No glass jars, baby food or opened food


Sunday, December 10

The greatest gift mankind has received is Jesus himself. He is the ultimate expression of God's generosity and love for us. As we exchange gifts this Christmas season, let's remind ourselves of the one who is our greatest gift.

There are many who live around us who are not financially able to provide what they would desire for their families and we want to come alongside these families during Christmas. There are two options to participate.

Christmas Stockings
We have Christmas stockings (made by our very own ladies here at Via Church) with a suggested list of gifts.

Gift Tag
You can also select a gift tag from the Christmas tree in the lobby. Gifts and stockings will be donated to school-age children in need.


Sunday, December 17

God is on mission and we join Him in His mission. Our community around us has many who are unengaged in their faith. We also have many who are in deep need of assistance.

Via Church exists to reflect the hope of Christ and we do so in a multitude of ways. We give to those in need within our community of faith and within our city. We partner locally with organizations that come alongside the hurting and the vulnerable. We invest into local churches around the world for the cause of the Gospel. As you give during this week of advent giving, you are helping to fund the efforts of Via Church in all these areas.

Prayer Points

As you pray, consider the following categories to guide your prayers.

Our Church

Every church is made up of stories of what God has done in the lives of His people. Pray for the Holy Spirit to draw people to Himself and that He would continue using Via Church as a part of their stories.

Via Communities
This movement is picking up steam and many are finding the fulfillment in sharing their lives with others. We have many areas that do not currently have leaders–pray for labors for this harvest field.

Our leaders are human and function within the same limitations that everyone else functions. Pray for wisdom and courage as they lead our congregation into this new year and all that God would call us to as a church.

Our Locations & Vocations
We each have been placed by God into specific neighborhoods to reflect his hope. We also have vocations whereby God works through us to bless our world and point to his restoration work in all of creation. Pray that we would faithfully live into these realities as a congregation.

Stewardship of Worship Space
God is building His church and we feel He has given us a vision to remodel some of our spaces into a more functional and welcoming way. Pray for this project and that God would continue to use these spaces for His glory.

Our City

Planting a Congregation in Phoenix
This is a dream that God seems to be cultivating in our hearts as we think about and pray for our city. We need wisdom and courage to walk wisely and boldly.

Refugees & Immigrants
During this advent season, we do well to remind ourselves that Jesus' family were undocumented immigrants who were embraced by Egypt when they fled persecution. Let's welcome the stranger into our hearts through prayer and perhaps into homes this Christmas to reflect this love that has come to us.

Homeless Community
Our city has a rather large homeless community and we want to continually do what we can to come alongside this community–especially during this season.

Orphans & Widows
Arizona has over 18,000 kids in the foster care system and many single mothers who are trying to establish health in their lives. We love kids and we love these moms who are vulnerable. Our partnerships with AZ 127 and Hope Women's Center are vital for us and help us to reflect our passion as we come under these often marginalized groups of people.

Local Partners In Mission
God has given us local partners in our mission to reflect the hope of Christ to our city and state.

Reaching Our Immediate Community
There are over 250,000 people living within the 5 mile radius of our church; almost 100,000 of those are not engaged in their faith. Pray that God would continue to use Via Church to reflect the hope of Christ to our community.

Our World

Church Project In Albania
Gospel of Christ Church in Tirana, Albania is constructing a building to minister to those living in the Babrru region, escaping from blood feuds. Pray for the church to continue reaching their city and nation with the message of Christ.

New Community Church
Pray for our friends in Salt Lake City as they reflect the joy and hope of Jesus in their communities and lives on a regular basis.

Global Partners In Mission
God has given us global partners in mission reaching people groups across the globe.

Hope Initiative
Pray for unity as we engage our church, city and world with the hope of Christ. Pray that our faith, trust, and financial generosity will help accomplish what God is doing through Via Church.