The Church is most active when the church building is most empty

We have a firm conviction that the church is most active when the church building is most empty. What you do Monday through Saturday matters greatly to the work that God is doing in the world. Your work matters. Your neighborhood matters. All of life matters because it is in the simple acts of blessing and obedience that God is most clearly and consistently reflected through his people.

This conviction results in us taking very seriously the moments that we are not together for a service and calls each and every one of us to become intentional about the 'scattered' moments of our life–our vocation, our neighborhood, our family, our friendships. God has placed you in each of these places and with each of these purposes. Via Communities seek to help you steward these areas well.

A Via Community is a relatively small grouping of people that live near each other and are active in making the Kingdom of God tangible to those in their lives. They are more concisely defined as a family of missionary servants.

We are compelled to live this way because the context of community not only shapes us but also puts him on display to the world around us.



Gospel application doesn't happen in isolation.

Our gathered moments (Sunday service, classes, etc.) are meant to shape our convictions, but scattered moments (Via Communities) are meant to apply our convictions to our lives in real time.


The weight of life is too heavy to carry alone.

Often times, the pain of life sits just under the surface of our lives. We come to church, smile, greet one another, yet, our lives can be secretly unraveling. One of the purposes of community is to provide a people/place where the issues of life can be journeyed through.


Christ-centered community reflects our hope best.

How will anyone know/experience the church if we are not living in visible ways in our world? The early church lived in ways that caused the surrounding culture to take notice of their hope. We want to live in ways that will cause others to see a hope that is greater than all other hopes.


How do I find my Via Community and get connected into community?

The entry into your Via Community happens through a two-session class called Basecamp. Basecamp is offered on a regular basis and will help you best understand the purposes of Via Communities.



Basecamp is a two-session class designed to help you best understand the identity and purpose of our Via Communities. This will also introduce you to your area and the Via Community there.