Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
Matthew 5:8

Dear Via Family,

My thoughts and prayers this week have been directed at our kids and leaders at Kid’s Camp in Prescott. I have seen many pictures and videos posted from them and I wish I was there. These are moments of major spiritual formation. The stories of God’s work in them will be told for many years to come. I love our Via Kids!

It is vital that you know these things...

This Sunday
The kingdom of Jesus is an inverted kingdom. It is a direct opposite of the world’s kingdom. While on a mountain, Jesus shared to those listening the characteristics of those who would be in His kingdom. Our series from the beatitudes has been shaping our thinking on what God values. I encourage you to read Matthew 5:1-12 before worshipping this Sunday.

Surge School
You have been hearing a lot about Surge School. As you know, it is a 32-week discipleship journey that will provide you with a strong foundation for understanding the significance of the Gospel as it affects all of life. The time commitment is primarily Sunday nights, 6pm-7:30pm and starts August 27. Please note that this coming Tuesday, July 25 is the deadline for the early-bird discount! For all the details and to register please click:  Surge School Info

Via Communities/Basecamp
We were not meant to navigate life in isolation. God designed us for relationship. Our Via Communities are basically our small groups. They are the way to connect into the heartbeat of Via and grow as a disciple of Jesus. To discover your Via Community, check out a two-session class called Basecamp. This class will give you more info on how we do community and will also connect you to your own Via Community.  Our next Basecamp is this Sunday, July 23 at 6pm.  For more information  click:  Basecamp

See you Sunday!

It’s all about Jesus,