Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.
Matthew 5:7

Dear Via Family,

The sounds of my dad getting work done will forever live in my memory.  Dad was a union heavy machinery crane operator. When I was able to visit Dad on the job as a kid, the noises were loud. Massive diesel engines roared, metal was clanging, welding was sparking, air brakes were releasing pressure, and men were yelling instructions and directions. I knew that big things were happening. Things were getting built, repaired, moved, and improved.

As a pastor, I have wondered what the sounds of my work are?  This week, being inspired by an article that I read, I listened to the sounds of my work at Via Church. There are lots of sounds of this gospel shaped community. Phones ring, copiers hum, prayers are prayed, keyboards click, doors open and close for meetings ranging from planning to counsel, kids fill the place with joy as some tag along with mom and dad, and laughter often bursts out during conversation. On weekends, the noise levels increase as we all come to gather and worship our great God and encourage one another.

These sounds have assured me that big things are happening. People are being built, repaired, and changed by God’s Word and His Spirit. The gospel is shaping us, moving us, transforming us, and connecting us. Thanks God, for giving us ears to hear.

Here is some big stuff that you will want to know...

This Sunday
The kingdom of Jesus is an inverted kingdom. It is a direct opposite of the world’s kingdom. While on a mountain, Jesus told those listening the characteristics of those who would be in His kingdom. Our series from the beatitudes has been shaping our thinking on what God values. I encourage you to read Matthew 5:1-12 before worshipping this Sunday. Bring a friend - God will work!

Third Sunday: Tough Questions
On Sunday evening, we are offering you the opportunity to ask some of the tough questions that we wrestle with concerning your faith and God.  Doubt and questions are not enemies of our faith, but actually show the chiseling effects of faith on our minds and hearts.  Some examples of those tough questions might include, Does God change his mind? or could Jesus have sinned? Come with your questions related to God and our panel of pastors will do the best to answer them!  See you this Sunday, 6pm in the Auditorium.

Surge School
Surge School is a 32-week discipleship journey that will provide you with a strong foundation for understanding the significance of the Gospel as it affects all of life. Surge School starts on Sunday, August 27, at 6pm.  Don't miss early-bird discount!  For more details please click below.

Surge School Info

Via Communities & Basecamp
We were not meant to navigate life in isolation. God designed us for relationship. Our Via Communities are basically our small groups. They are the way to connect into the heartbeat of Via and grow as a disciple of Jesus. To discover your Via Community, check out a two-session class called Basecamp. This class will give you more info on how we do community and will also connect you to your own Via Community.  Our next basecamp is Sunday, July 23 at 6pm.  For more information on Basecamp click below.


I can’t wait to see you Sunday!

It’s all about Jesus,