“Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted."
Matthew 5:4

Dear Via Family,

The heat is on!  Despite the extreme temperatures,  I still love Arizona!

I have a few things that I need you to know as we head into Sunday ...…..

This Weekend
I love the strong start that we had last week as we began our new series, Kingdom People. If you missed it, you should watch the video or listen to the audio by clicking here, Sermon - June 18. We are allowing the beatitudes to shape our thinking. I pray that you read, and reread, Matthew 5:1-12 many times over the next week. Don’t miss one week of these teachings!  

Surge School
The importance of Surge School can't be underestimated.  This discipleship journey will provide you with a strong foundation for understanding the significance of the Gospel as it affects all areas of your life.  To learn more, attend our next information meeting. For more details please click below. 
Surge School Info

Stay cool!

I love being your pastor!  

It’s all about Jesus,