When he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side.
Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord. 
John 20:20

Dear Via Family,

I have pastor friends that call this Super Bowl Sunday for the Church. It is a big moment for the Church around the globe as well as every local congregation. We will be sharing the most powerful true story in the history of the world. The resurrection is not just a day of remembrance; it is a proclamation of our hope for today and for the future. What an opportunity to marvel at these truths and be changed. We are to live differently because of the resurrection.

As a vital part of our Via Church family, I need you fully engaged this weekend and during the next few weeks.

Good Friday and Easter Services
Our Good Friday services are a powerful reflection of Jesus’ suffering and crucifixion. Join us at either 5:00pm or 6:30pm. We will worship around a large cross and take communion together. There is childcare for birth through 5th grade. You will not want to miss this night!  

Our Easter services will be at our normal Sunday service times.

I want to ask you to do a few things as we approach this weekend:

  • Pray for our services and for the guests that will attend.
  • Invite people to these services to hear the Gospel.
  • Please be faithful to serve - we need all hands on deck.
  • Please come early and stay late - watch for new faces. Greet people. If they look lost, walk them to where they need to go and introduce them to others.
  • Smile - alot ...please do not forget to do this!

The Story
When we know God’s story, it changes everything:  who we are, what we want, and how we live. The Story is a course that will walk through the Gospel Story.  This 4-week course is for people new to their faith journey and for those wishing to grow in their understanding of the Gospel. It starts next Sunday, April 23 at 10:45am in room 4101.

The Story

Water Baptism
If you have never been water baptized, I challenge you to obey Jesus and be baptized. Our next baptism service is on Sunday, April 30. Please plan on attending an orientation meeting is next Sunday, April  23 at 9:00am in room 2101. Don’t put off this crucial step of your faith journey!  For more information and to register please click the link below.

Water Baptism

I pray that your heart is ready to celebrate the hope of the gospel this weekend. May there be great fruit produced in our hearts as we worship.

It’s all about Jesus,