“One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see”
John 9:25b

Dear Via Family,

I am often overwhelmed at the amount of things that are not the way that they should be. This is true not only about the big things of this world, but also of the life situations that I find myself in as well as my own personal brokenness. In moments where the pain is great in these areas or my hope seems dim - I think back to the power of Jesus to restore and heal. I have experienced His touch in my life and in my situations so many times and have been humbled and in awe of His endless ability to make things that were so broken whole once again. This cycle keeps me praying and hoping.

What are you praying for Jesus to touch and make whole? A relationship? A body that isn’t working the way it should? A habit that you have that keeps sabotaging your life?  A child that has lost their way? Your financial reality? An issue of injustice?

We believe for these things together. We place our hope in the One who has endless power and authority. We commune with One who loves us unconditionally and cares about us.

We were never designed to work through these things alone - so our times together are so important. Here are a few things coming up...

This Weekend - Lent
Reading John 9 before attending a worship service this weekend will go a long way to allowing the text to have its full impact on your life. Look for the resurrection power of Jesus on display in this text. To learn more about Lent click here:  Lent

Via Community
If you are interested in joining a Via Community, your next step is to attend Basecamp. This will help you to know what Via Communities are and get you connected to a community near your home!  Basecamp is two sessions that are offered monthly on Sundays.  Session One is this Sunday, March 26 at 6pm in the Chapel.  For more information, please click here: Basecamp

We have a great new class starting this Sunday called, Gospel Driven Parenting. This is a 3-week class taught by a fantastic couple from our congregation that is in the trenches of raising their kids in light of the Gospel. You will love this!  Sunday, March 26, 6pm in Classroom 4101.

Serving at Via
The simple reality is that we could not be who we are as a church without men and women faithfully serving.  We are so grateful for those that serve, only one thing is missing - you!  Please check out all areas to serve at Via by clicking here:  Serve

You are an important part of Via - please do not ever underestimate the power of your presence at Via Church.  You are loved!

It’s all about Jesus,