"By this you shall know that I am the Lord”
Exodus 7:17

Dear Via Family,

Alongside some vivid pictures of New Testament theology, Exodus shows us that the root issue in the heart of man in Exodus continues to be the exact root issue in the heart of man today. Despite the advances of technology, transportation, medicine, and communication, we have been unable to pull ourselves out of the darkness of our souls. We see ourselves so clearly in ancient historical and biblical figures. This weekend we will come face to face with the judgement and mercy of the one true God - I cannot wait to be together!

I need you to know these crucial things as we head into the weekend...

This Weekend
In preparation for our time of worship together, please read Exodus 7:6-11:10. Listen for what God is saying and what he wants people to know!  

Welcome Mat
If you have been attending Via Church for three months or less and have not yet attended Merge, I would like to invite you to have some refreshments with some of our pastors after either one of the services this Sunday. We will be set up and waiting for you in the lobby of our Chapel.  Your kids are welcome too! We would love to meet you and get to know you better and tell you some next steps to press into the life of Via.

Hope Initiative
We have just finished the first month of our 2-years of generosity toward the compelling vision that God has given Via. I have been told that our giving for January 2017 was 23% higher than our giving in January 2016. This should be a significant encouragement to all of us. I am encouraged that a trend like this carried over 2017-2018 will go a long way to help us accomplish our many initiatives. But let me tell you what encourages me much more...people interacting with God with their money. God does a profound work in someone before they give, as they give, and after they give. That is my heart for you as your pastor. Way to go Via - let’s keep praying and giving! (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)

For more information about Hope Initiative, please use this link:
Hope Initiative

It’s all about Jesus,