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For the promise is for you and for your children and for all who are far off, everyone whom the Lord our God calls to himself.
Acts 2:39

Dear Via Family,

I just finished my hours of prayer, study, and writing in preparation for the sermon for this Sunday’s worship services. These study and preparation days are always a journey with the Lord. The Holy Spirit works in me during the process - and my heart for our Via congregation always grows. Anticipation and expectation swells in my heart. I cannot wait to unpack Acts 2:37-47 together and allow God to work in us. We are called to be a contrast people putting Jesus on display in attractive ways!

Family Meeting

This Sunday is our one-year anniversary of our commitment to Hope Initiative. Hope Initiative is a two-year vision to invest in the mission of God for our city. We began this journey together as a church in January 2017 and it will continue through December 2018.

This Sunday, November 19, we will conclude our worship a few minutes early in order to have a 20 minute family meeting after each service. We will update you on where we are at financially as well as plans regarding our facilities that are taking shape as we head into the final year.

I invite you to join us and prayerfully commit yourself to generous giving in 2018 to strengthen Via’s ability to reach kids and families. Moments like these have happened often over the 44 year history of our congregation. We enjoy the sacrifices and faith of people who have preceded us. It is our turn. We need a faith every bit as big and every bit as bit as bold.

If you would like to view an informative video (7 minutes) and also see more information regarding our Hope Initiative, click the link below.

Third Sunday: Seeing With Gospel Eyes

I hope that you join Susan and me in the Chapel this Sunday, November 19 at 6pm as we examine some areas of life that are reshaped by the good news of Jesus. Our goal is to stretch our thinking to imagine all the areas that the Gospel permeates, so that we can walk away challenged to live our lives into the reality of this true story and all its implications. These nights are also a great way to connect with some of your Via family members.

I love you guys!

It’s all about Jesus,