The Lord is my portion; I promise to keep your words. Psalm 119:57

Via Church Family,
Please read Psalm 119:57-64 before attending this weekend. The psalmist was living contrary to culture and contrary to what came natural to him and what comes natural to us.  What could have compelled him to make such unnatural decisions about his life? I can’t wait to unpack this portion of this text on Sunday. Let me share my heart on a few things… 

Mailings to over 21,000 homes

A generous congregant has stepped forward to encourage us to begin letting people know about Via Church. This week the first mailing will arrive to just a small piece of the pie of our 5-mile radius around our campus. These same 21,000+ homes will receive two more pieces from us within the next six weeks. If you receive one, please talk to your neighbors about it. These mailed pieces are designed to engage people and peak their interest as we bring up their felt needs. Please pray – the Holy Spirit is able to soften hearts and allow some divine moments in our community.


If you are new to Via Church, or you have been around a while and feel like you are on the outside looking in, then Merge may help you! Merge is a set of three classes (101, 201 & 301) offered on a Sunday night every other month. These 2-hour classes are designed to help you merge into the life of Via Church. I invite you to join me at 101 this Sunday, September 11 at 5:30pm with registration starting at 5:00pm in our Cafe. Our kids and youth programs would love to have your kids while you attend Merge.


I can’t wait to read through Psalm 119 and sing and pray in response to portions of the text. The Psalms are songs written for the purpose of bringing praise and petition to God corporately. On this night, we will come together to sing through this great psalm together and reflect on its powerful truth.  Don’t miss this Sunday, September 18 at 6pm in the Chapel.


We have many new classes beginning in September! These classes on a great way to meet others at Via while you grow in your understanding of God's Word.

I love what God is doing in our congregation. I love being your pastor!

It’s all about Jesus,