“How long must your servant endure? When will you judge those who persecute me?”
Psalm 119:84

Via Church Family, 

Do you have questions? Life gives us questions that we want answered. What are we supposed to do with our questions? What are we to do when we would like the Lord to explain something to us? Why is He doing something or appearing not to be doing something? Why is He doing something the way that He is doing it? How could someone in my life act that way?

We are going to dig deep into these questions this Sunday. I can’t wait to teach the next portion of our text, Psalm 119:81-96. Read it ahead of time. Come with an open heart. Bring a friend with you!  

Here are a couple of things that are important for you to know right now at Via …..


A fantastic study through 1 John called, “Be the Church” starts this week during the 9AM hour. This book of the Bible will come alive and change the way that you look at Jesus’ Church. You will love the engaging style of this teacher and it will be a great place to meet some of your church family as you go through this together. They will meet in Classroom 4103


A Via Community is a relatively small grouping of people that live near each other and are active in making the Kingdom of God tangible to those in their lives. They are more concisely defined as a family of missionary servants. The entry into your Via Community happens through a two-session class called Basecamp. We want to prepare you to understand what a Via Community is and how to best integrate into one. Following basecamp, you will plug into your Via Community. Session One is this Sunday, September 25 at 10:45AM in the Chapel.  To register or for more information click below.

I love our church!

It’s all about Jesus,