My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word!
Psalm 119:25

Via Church Family,

There were many wins at Via last Sunday. One thing that I have learned is that Via is bigger than my experience of it. If you and I assess what is happening at Via (positively or negatively) from only our perspective, we will be grossly off. Via is bigger than each one of us. I learned this week that there were 10 babies bustling in our nursery one hour and over 50 kids showed up at 5PM to kick off our fall Kid’s Choir! My heart leaps a bit when I hear things like this!

I need to let you in on a few key things about this weekend:


This week's text is Psalm 119:25-32. I just finished my study and wish I could preach this message now – I feel an urgency – there are some of you that will feel this to be very timely.


This Sunday, there will be a small camera crew on campus. They are here by our invitation. They are helping us to communicate what God is doing at Via Church. This is crucial to our future.  We have asked them to be discreet but we know that you will feel their presence. You do not need to interact with them or acknowledge them  – all you need to do is keep calm and carry on!


Join us this Sunday, August 21 at 6pm. We all are shaped by a story (or in reality, several stories). These stories can be called “narratives” or sometimes “world views”. These stories come to us through our family history, upbringing, our culture, ethnic heritage, our friends, influences, our passions – they shape us in profound ways! Understanding the biblical story is of paramount importance. Exploring the story will equip you to better understand your Bible and to better relate to your neighbors, city and world! 


Via Youth will be collecting cases of water to help the homeless in the city of Mesa.  The water will be distributed to various homeless shelters. Our teenagers will help you carry your cases of water, pull your car up to the front of our Youth building.  Water can be dropped off before or after services this Sunday.

The unity, resolve, commitment, and love for God, Via, and each other is stirring among the leadership of Via Church. My expectancy for what God is doing and has put in our hearts is intense. Please pray…

You are loved!

It’s all about Jesus,