I am a sojourner on the earth; hide not your commandments from me!
Psalm 119:19

Via Church Family,
After each service last week we had folks that are brand new to Via stop by Welcome Mat to meet some of our leadership and learn more about Via. It always amazes me to hear how people found us – things like, “driving by and saw the sign, checked out your website, invited by a friend or family member, started coming to Celebrate Recovery, and my kids started coming with a friend” are quite common. Whatever their answer, the next comments are usually what they love about Via Church. God is building this community of faith!

As we head into this weekend, there are a few things I want to let you know about.

This Weekend

This week's text is Psalm 119:17-24. We will be focusing on a string biblical concept that I have lived by for years and have never taught. I dug deep and long into our text and the rest of scriptures to really allow this text to shape our thoughts and actions. If you can grasp and apply this to your life, you will never live the same. I cannot wait to allow His Spirit to work in us as we gather.

The Story: A Journey From Genesis to Revelation

We all are shaped by a story (or in reality, several stories). These stories can be called “narratives” or sometimes “world views”. These stories come to us through our family history, upbringing, our culture, ethnic heritage, our friends, influences, our passions – they shape us in profound ways! Understanding the biblical story is of paramount importance. Exploring the story will equip you to better understand your Bible and to better relate to your neighbors, city and world!  Join us Sunday, August 21 at 6pm.

I want to ask you to consider your involvement at Via Church. My hope and prayer for all of us is that we would love and commit ourselves to the vision that God has put in our hearts at Via Church. You are vital to what God wants to do. Are you an active participant in Via or a silent bystander? We need you. God will use you as you step out and invest yourself into our community of faith. His work in us and through us is determined by each of us using our gifts to serve our church, city, and world. If you would like to see some of the places to serve at Via, click here.

I love being your pastor!


It’s all about Jesus,