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“Glory to God in the highest,and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!”
Luke 2:14

Dear Via Family,

Last Sunday the Holy Spirit was driving home gospel truth to our hearts. Something powerful was happening near the response moments - especially in our second service. There was an overwhelming conviction upon us all as we thought about the places that we tend to place our hope outside of Jesus. This type of confession and repentance leads to real spiritual fruit in us. May He continue to do His good work in us!

I need you to know a few things as we head into the weekend…

Kid’s Musical - Friday!
Our kids have been working all fall on a Christmas Musical for us! It will be in the Auditorium tomorrow night (December 9) at 7PM. Whether you know a kid in the choir or not - you need to attend! Not only to cheer them on, but I believe that the messages in this musical are things that we need to hear. We will cap off the night eating Christmas treats in the Cafe and Kid’s Auditorium. Susan and I look forward to this every year - join us - it will warm your heart!

This Weekend
This weekend is the third week of Advent. We will focus on peace and the globally known one sentence hymn found in Luke 2:14.  This short sentence is so misunderstood and does much more than announce the birth of the Messiah. Invite a friend to come to church with you!

Advent Giving
Throughout our four weekends of “Advent Giving” we have many opportunities for you to participate in giving to our neighbors and to those in our church. Here is a summary of the giving emphasis:

Last Sunday: Two pallets containing a half a ton of food and non-perishables were generously donated by our Via family. What a tangible way for you to reflect Jesus - our One hope!

This Sunday: Bring your filled stockings and gifts and place it on the front steps of the platform in our Main Auditorium. These gifts and stockings will be donated to local families in our community and church.

Next Sunday, December 18: We join God in His mission. Our desire is to be faithful to the mission before us in our city. As you financially give during this week of Advent giving, you are helping to fund Via Church and the partners in ministry that we support.

Click below for all the information you need this month:

Holiday Schedule & Advent Giving

It’s all about Jesus,