Dear Via family,

My heart is racing a bit as I see excitement building around the Hope Initiative. There has been a lot of prayer, planning, and work by hundreds of people at Via to bring you up to speed with the vision of our church for 2017 through 2018. So far over 80 households have made commitments. We are excited about that, but that only represents those who have a history of giving here. This week we will be providing everyone an opportunity to take a step up the giving ladder. This is something we want for you, not from you, and it’s a point of celebration!  

We will be wrapping up our short series, Our Great Hope, this Sunday. These texts in 1 Peter speak so much wisdom and heart to us as we launch Hope Initiative and this season of generosity. Let me suggest that you read through 1 Peter before Sunday and ready your heart for our time together.

If you haven’t watched the Hope Initiative video yet - you will love it!  Click on the button below to see the video and to better understand all the vision details that are included in the Hope Initiative, this page on our website has everything you need:

I invite you into the joy of giving. There will be increased witness for Jesus Christ as we build a strong church, bless our city, and engage our world. Let’s reflect this living hope in very visible ways!

It’s all about Jesus,