Dear Via Family,

Last Sunday was significant as we allowed God to speak to us from 1 Peter 1:3-4. If for some reason you missed worshipping at Via, it is so important that you do a few things to get caught up.

Before this Sunday, please click the button below and do the following:

  • Watch the Launch Day video
  • Read the Hope Initiative Brochure
  • Download a commitment card and pray

This weekend I am praying for 100% participation. For some, it might be starting to give to Via for the first time, for others it means starting to give consistently. Still others will choose to tithe for the first time in their faith journey. Many of us that tithe and give above will move into a season of giving well beyond in order to fulfill Via’s vision for the next two years.

I invite you into the joy of giving. Don’t be left out of participating in this vital season of generosity. There will be increased witness for Christ as we build a strong church, bless our city, and engage our world. Let’s reflect hope in every way!

Also, today at 3pm, we will be sharing the Hope Initiative video on Facebook. In an effort to develop some online presence for this video, we would ask you to consider sharing this video on your Timeline. This is a great way to help let others in your life know about your church. It will also give you some talking points with your friends who may wonder how a church thinks about their city.

Thanks for catching up - you will be glad that you did it!

It’s all about Jesus