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Developing Habits to Express the Gospel
It is fairly safe to say that many of us desire to grow in our faithfulness to Jesus and our witness to the good news of what he has done. Often, when we think of being a witness we have large bold expressions of faith in our mind–talking about Jesus with a co-worker, giving a large amount of money to a mission, sacrificing a week and half to go around the world on a global trip. These expressions are good and we should take every advantage to express our faith in these ways, but more often than not, the regular day-to-day expressions of the Gospel are much more powerful–the way we talk with our kids, the tangible kindness towards a neighbor, sitting down over dinner with someone, listening to the pain of a stranger, taking a needed nap at the end of a long work week. More than grand gestures, faithfulness is more often doing small (and often overlooked) tasks well over a long period of time. On this night, we will come together to examine some of these Gospel-infused habits known as the Bless Rhythms.