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A brief description of Phase 2 and Project Hope name

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Live Feed of Phase One

Phase One (fully funded)

Demolition of four buildings (Youth, Chapel, Classrooms, Community Room) and construction of new parking.

  • Target for demolition is approximately June/July - depending on city approvals, negotiation and signing of contracts, etc.

  • Besides the benefits of what has been discussed so far (640K of necessary maintenance, more money needed to make improvements, inefficiency, redundancy of spaces, etc.) we are excited about what Phase 1 will give to us as a congregation:

    • 71 additional parking spaces

    • Visibility from Power Road with buildings cleared and 3 feet of excavation; also better drainage/water runoff

    • Ability to streamline our facilities in the most energy efficient buildings.

Phase two

These are concept drawings from 2016, not architectural drawings, no bid of cost is done, not a commitment of what we will do, they are just created to get us thinking.

  • Auditorium Building is the main portion (nurseries, auditorium)

  • Cafe/Kid’s Building smaller - (security for kids, finishing some things that were never finished in 2006, updating areas that need attention (better use of cafe area)

  • Some new additions since we are losing the other 4 buildings

    • Readjust existing space to accommodate additional (moved) ministries.

    • Remodel basement bathroom (primary colors for children) to support Celebrate Recovery

    • Security challenges - planning

    • Youth Space in Kid’s Church (e.g. stage modifications, replace sound booth)

    • Junior High Worship Sunday morning an issue; exploring options (short term and long term) including worship in adult service, then dismissal.

Our goal is to raise an additional 800K in order to really ready these two remaining buildings to serve this mission.

Period of commitment - from 5/1 through March 31, 2020.