We are preparing to begin another round of Surge School and would like you to join us for this round.

Surge School is a 32-week discipleship journey that will lay a strong foundation for understanding the significance of the Gospel as it affects all areas of life. So far, at Via we have taken approximately 100 people through this enriching experience.

Via Church is a part of a larger network of churches in Arizona that have united within the Surge Network. This network is a rich collection of diverse churches who desire to see our state saturated with the glory of God by putting Jesus on display in extraordinary and ordinary ways. God is doing something remarkable in Phoenix among the churches and the journey of Surge School will give you a further window into this work.


Surge takes my focus away from myself and turns it to those around me. I am more sensitive to what the Spirit is prompting me to do and say in my everyday life.
— Surge Participant

What is Surge School?

There are some key elements to Surge School that you need to be aware of before entering. This is primarily a learning environment, but it places a large amount of its focus on the practice of rhythms in one’s daily life–these are called Bless Rhythms and everything you will learn will filter through these regular rhythms of life.

Table Gathering on Sunday Nights
Each Sunday night, you will meet together with others going through Surge School. This regularity is important and you will find that this rhythm will help you apply what you are learning to your life. You will be assigned to a cohort-style table to meet with on Sunday nights to work through the reading and cultivate this material into your lives at deep levels. This table will consist of between four and eight other individuals.

Teaching Intensives Each Quarter
Once per quarter, you will have the opportunity to attend a local intensive where a prominent speaker in the area or even sometimes the authors of the books you read will speak with us directly concerning the content of that quarter. We encourage you to take advantage of these intensives as they will help you capture the essence of that quarter in a unique way.

Learning to apply the Gospel to all of life

Quarter 1
Gospel Story

Exploring the grand story of the Bible and seeking to allow this Story to shape all of life.

Quarter 2
Gospel & Heart

Discovering the inner work of God in transforming our hearts as the Gospel is applied.

Quarter 3
Gospel Mission

Learning to live as God’s People–a people who reflect his character in every area of our lives.

Quarter 4
Gospel Calling

Examining the biblical significance of work in general and our work in particular.



The cost of Surge School pays for the unique curriculum (quarterly readers) and also gives you full access to the intensives offered once per quarter featuring key speakers from around our state and nation.

$150 per Individual
+ $50 for your Spouse


Early-bird Discount (Save $30)

It pays to register early! In order to take advantage of this discount, you just need to register by July 25.

...or Payments of $15 per month

You can also divide the cost over the 9 months that you are in Surge School. This would mean that you pay the deposit of $30 (+$10 for spouse) by July 25. Then your monthly payments ($15 per person or $20 per couple) would begin in September 2017 and end April 2018.

*if cost is an issue, please talk to us


You will also be responsible to purchase each of the four books required for Surge School. These can be purchased on your own or through the Bookshelf (see Info Center). *see list of books below

All dates & Deadlines

Your main commitment will be Sundays from 6pm - 7:30 for Table Gatherings (listed below). Every Sunday evening there is ongoing ministry happening for kids and youth (birth - High School) during the time we will meet.


04 - Info Meeting 6-7:30pm (Via)


09 - Info Meeting 6-7:30pm (Via)

25 - Deadline: Early-Bird Discount


14 - Deadline: Registration

17 - Kick-off (6-7:30pm, Tempe)

20 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

27 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)



08 - 1st Intensive (6-9pm, Tempe)

10 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

17 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

24 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)


01 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

08 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

15 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

22 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

29 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)


05 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

09 - 2nd Intensive 6-9pm, Tempe)

12 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

19 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

26 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)



03 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

10 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

17 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)


07 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

14 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

21 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

28 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)


08 - 3rd Intensive (6-9pm, Tempe)

11 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

18 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

25 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)



04 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

11 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

18 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

25 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)


08 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

15 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)

22 - Third Sunday 6-7:30pm (Via)

29 - Table Gathering 6-7:30pm (Via)


10 - 4th Intensive & Graduation 6-9pm, Tempe)

The thing that I’ve most enjoyed about Surge is being given the unique opportunity to learn new biblical perspectives, collectively share heartfelt and personal experiences and then go into my community to practice concepts gained from the reading materials.
— Surge Participant


The Drama of Scripture
by Craig Bartholomew
& Michael Goheen


Gospel Fluency
by Jeff

The Mission of
God’s People

by Christopher Wright

Every Good
by Tim Keller