We ought to take serving very seriously as Christ followers. Christ has served us by laying down his life, and we know that we are each called to lay down our lives for others. We are to set aside our preferences, agendas and wants for the good of the our neighbor. It is because of a conviction of who we are in Christ and an understanding of God's sovereign placement of us into cities that we are compelled to serve the cities that God has placed us in.

The Homeless

In our area, there are many who do not have a home. Through Christ, we have been given a place in his family, even though we did not deserve it. The way we treat the homeless in our midst reflects strongly on our view of the Gospel.

We joyfully come alongside Central Christian Church and the ACTS Ministry to extend the caring hand and love of Jesus to the homeless of in our city. We team with Central Christian Church to care for the homeless in our city on a bi-monthly basis.

The Orphan

We love orphans, because in a very real sense, as Christ-followers, we are orphans that God has adopted into His Family. One way to show this great Gospel truth is by helping orphans in our area to find a family and community where they can belong.

Arizona has what many have labeled, an 'orphan crisis'. This pertains mainly to the reality that our state has over 17,000 children (under 18) in our foster care system. There are many at the state level that are positively addressing this issue and many organizations that have stepped in to help. As a church, we realize that we have a unique and powerful role to play in helping children find homes and community.

We partner with organizations in the valley that work to connect local churches to this issue. There are many ways to be involved and help address this issue. Many of these kids just need someone to be an influence in their life on a regular basis. As a family, you can adopt or foster a child. You can also help to mentor kids in groups homes. You can involve yourself in a local women's shelter that works to prevent this issue by pouring into women and helping them to flourish.

The Poor & Powerless

The heart of the Gospel is that God reaches into the darkness, poverty and hopelessness of sinful humanity and reconciles sinners to himself through Jesus, His Son. Through Christ, we have every spiritual blessing and have greater wealth than money can buy. If anyone has a reason to care for the poor and the disenfranchised, it is Christians.

We are actively engaged with several organizations around the city to help to bring the truth of the Gospel to the poorest of the poor. These partnerships allow us to extend loving hands to families and individuals who are deeply hurting.

The Widow & Weak

Our God is a God of the weak. While Jesus walked the earth he grow to know three Mary’s. The first was his mother, Mary. The second was Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha, whom Jesus commended for her passionate desire to sit at his feet. The third, Mary Magdalene, was from what many scholars account, a prostitute. She was a woman despised by society, but Jesus welcomed her into God’s family.

Our area is full of women who have nowhere to turn when they face the difficulties and tragedies of life. We have partnerships that enable us to come alongside some of the most hurting and vulnerable women in our area to graciously care for and show them the love of Jesus.

The Young

There is a local elementary school that we have decided to partner with throughout the year for several key activities and events. Our goal is to be a beacon of hope in that school and to reflect the hope of Christ to that community.

Throughout the year, we come alongside them in ways including but not limited to: community Easter egg hunt, food gifts during Thanksgiving, giving gifts to homes during Christmas, assisting with bringing school supplies and helping with a carnival they put on each year.

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