Worship Service (childcare provided)
Family Experience (K - 5th, adults are welcome with their kids)
*Adult Classes (offered periodically, click here for current classes)

Worship Service (childcare provided)
Junior High Service
Kids Connect (K - 5th)
*Adult Classes (offered periodically, click here for current classes)

This service is a time for students (grades 7-12) to gather for student led worship, biblical teaching, small group experience, prayer and an occasional game!

*starting August 15, 2018

The Gathered Church

Experiencing diversity together

We gather together on Sundays to remind ourselves that the body of Christ is diverse and expressed in many various ways. We desire to be a unified community of faith that appreciates and celebrates the diversity within our church family.

singing of our hope together

Every Worship Service includes an element of corporately engaging music to stir our affections for the person of Jesus and the work that he has done on our behalf. We sing songs of praise to remind ourselves that even though we live in a broken world, we fix our eyes on the One who is restoring and redeeming His creation back to Himself.

Accepting God's Word together

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and has the authority to teach, reproof, correct, and train in righteousness (2 Timothy 3:16). Our basis for this belief, comes from the Bible and we believe it is the true story of the whole world.

Seeing God's Story together

The Bible is not just Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (despite the popularity of such a notion). The Bible is the story of God and His creation. It is the story of a good and right God who created everything that exists and designed us to reflect his glory to the world he made. The Bible shows us that due to our rebellion against God, sin and death came to the earth and how ultimate reconciliation and restoration with God has been established through Jesus. The end of the story is of a city where God will dwell with his people and where God himself will be the light for the city.

Focusing on Jesus TOGETHER

The very center of this entire story (as laid out above) is Jesus Himself. Jesus is the reason we sing. Through Jesus, we have been made right with God and are adopted into His family. Jesus also restores us to one another and we experience communion with mankind as well. Thirdly, Jesus restores us to creation itself. Through Christ, we see the purpose of creation and our place within the created world.

Observing Ordinances Together

We also observe the ordinances of the church, which draw our minds to the hope that we have in Jesus. Water Baptism and Communion (also called The Lord's Supper or the Eucharist) are the two ordinances of the church and point our attention and affection to what Christ has done for us. In Baptism, we identify with the death of Jesus and recognize that he has fully and finally paid for our sin. In Communion, we remember the body of Christ that endured pain and suffering for us and the blood of Jesus that was shed for us, which cleanses us truly.


- Gathering is not enough -

We love to gather together as the church, but we are convinced that the church is most active when the church building is most empty. When everyone is in their neighborhoods, in the marketplace, in their various vocations. So, we are firmly committed to being very intentional about how we apply the Gospel to all of life–our neighborhoods, our families, our vocations, our choices.