Merge & Next Steps

Welcome Mat

If you are new to attending Via Church in the last three months and have not attended Merge 101 we want to invite you to meet some our leadership team at Welcome Mat.  Come and join us for a cup of coffee, refreshments and we can get to know each other!

Sunday, October 1
10:15am -  Chapel - lobby

12:15pm - Chapel -lobby
*children are welcome to attend with their family


Merge is a series of three classes–101, 201, & 301. We call them Merge classes because they are intended to help you merge into the life of the church. When you get on a freeway, you have to get up to speed, find your place, and merge into the group - this is what you have to do when you find a great place like Via Church. We hope that Merge gets you up to speed and helps you find your place.

These classes are offered every other month on Sunday nights. There is childcare available and pre registering is required. Completing Merge 301 is a prerequisite for applying for membership at Via Church. At the conclusion of 301 you will be instructed how to pursue this process should you desire to do so.  Come early, register and enjoy a cup of coffee!


Sunday, Sept 10, 2017
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Registration starts at 5:00pm
Location: *start by going to the Café (each class is in a different location)


Prior to attending, please register for your next Merge class.