Via Church is a true pillar of Mesa. The leaders provide a welcoming environment that encourages worship and service to our community. The congregation takes this spirit of service to heart, dedicating their time and energy to Mesa, the surrounding region, and the world at large. I appreciate all the great things Via Church has done for our city, and I look forward to continuing this great partnership of service far into the future.

John Giles
Mayor of Mesa

We are so thankful for Via Church and a decade long partnership in serving women and teens in crisis. From donating the building for one of our centers, to providing volunteers, material donations, and spiritual encouragement – Via Church continues to play a vital part in helping us bring Christ to the community!

Tammy Abernethy
Executive Director
Hope Women’s Center
Apache Junction & Phoenix

Via Church is a beacon of light for all of greater Phoenix. Via not only strives to be a faithful presence where God has rooted her, but to generously share their leadership, resources, and time with the wider church in Phoenix to help our city flourish. I am thankful for the way churches throughout our city look more like Jesus as a result of their relationship with Via Church.

Dennae Pierre
Executive Director
The Surge Network, Phoenix


Arizona 1.27 is a collaboration of local churches throughout Arizona who are committed to care for the needs of Arizona’s foster children. Together, as the body of Christ, we unite to put into practice, the scriptural mandate, of James 1:27. The leadership and community of believers of Via Church continue to be an integral part of the Arizona 1.27 collaboration as we press into the child welfare crisis of our state. Our goal is to see that families thrive and no child is ever without a loving, Christ-centered family. To date, we have ignited over 3,000 people to engage into caring for children of the foster care system and provided hundreds of safe and loving homes to children. Thank you, Via Church!

Katie O’Dell, Director
Arizona 1.27 (Foster Care)

We are church planters in Utah. Earning the right to share the Gospel in our 98%-Mormon community takes patience and a lot of prayer. Via Church has been a huge blessing to us through financial help, resources and encouragement. Thank you for everything, Via Church. We love you guys!

David Nicholson
Lead Pastor
New Community Church
Salt Lake City, Utah