We desire to invest heavily into the flourishing of our community and city. There are many great endeavors that are taking place all across the Phoenix area. We know that we cannot be invested into every great work that is being done, but we can strategically establish partnerships with those endeavors that most closely align with our gifts, passions and abilities as a church. This form is the first step in a conversation concerning partnership with Via Church.

If you would like an idea of who we are, read through our Mission and Values. This will give you an idea of what we've set our sites on.

Local Partnership Request Form

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible if you are requesting to partner with Via Church.  We desire to serve our local community in several ways, yet it is not possible for one congregation to meet every need in our community.  Please understand that not “all” requests will match the mission, vision, and values of the church and/or budget restrictions may apply and therefore, may not be considered. 

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