Reflecting the hope of Christ so others can do the same

This is our mission statement at Via Church. The updates to our facilities are not focused on the color of the carpet and having beautiful spaces for us to sit back and enjoy. The updates always have the end goal in mind- to be a place of hospitality for those searching for the answer to life’s questions. Our aim is to renovate our sanctuary, nurseries, child and youth spaces in order to better serve and welcome those in our community around us. We recognize that taking buildings away is not typical for a renovation project unless they are being replaced by new facilities. But after months of in-depth investigation, it became clear that our 4 oldest buildings were going to cost an excessive amount of money simply to maintain them. These facilities are also not handicap accessible and any renovation to them would need to include this accessibility. In the end, these two financial factors, as well as the recognition that we can be more energy efficient and creatively use our two newer buildings to do all of our current ministry, has lead us to this place. We will take the Community Room, Chapel, Classroom and Youth buildings down and replace them with parking.