Work is one thing to which you will give a majority of your life. For many, we find aspects of our identity within our work. When you meet someone for the first time, usually one of the first questions asked is: “What do you do?” Despite the massive amount of time given and identity found within work, we do not often consider the deeply biblical reasons for work. Does our work matter in terms of God’s redemptive work in creation? You may be surprised to discover the ways in which God works through you in your work.

This is a big statement: God works through our vocations. On this night, we will come together to learn more about the various vocations represented at Via Church and how we understand the work we do with our minds and hands in relation to God’s work in this world. So, whether your vocation is a stay-at-home mom, a sous-chef, a corporate executive or a plumber, come a discover the biblical significance of your work.