The following describes our standards for design and branding. It is imperative that departments adhere to the design standards as set forth here to ensure branding recognition across all ministries and departments.

Design Kit

Below is a link to download our Design Kit. Included in the kit is both of our church fonts, ArcherPro and Locator, as well as our logo in three different colors and layouts. Below is a guide on how each of these items is to be used to help keep a level of consistency in look throughout all the ministries.


Adhering to established brand guidelines is proven to enhance public perception, increase brand recognition and instill confidence in the organization. For these reasons, it is important that all Via Church materials adhere to the guidelines in this guide. The overall goal is to create professional materials, provide a consistent message and always present a standard "look and feel" – appropriately showcasing our unique identity as a church.


Although it may be tempting to use other colors, our brand requires that we use these colors for all design elements and fonts.

Core Colors
(for use in design elements and typefaces)

  Blue   c:   78    |  m:   30    |  y:   6    |  k:   0

c: 63  |  m: 23  |  y: 0  |  k: 15
r: 80  |  g: 168  |  b: 217

l: 66  |  a: -12  |  b: -33
h: 201  |  s: 63  |  b: 85
hex: 4B8FBF
Pantone (PMS): 542


c: 0  |  m: 0  |  y: 0  |  k: 0
r: 255  |  g: 255  |  b: 255

l: 100  |  a: 0  |  b: 0
h: 0  |  s: 0  |  b: 100


Dark Gray
c: 0  |  m: 0  |  y: 0  |  k: 90
r: 25  |  g: 25  |  b: 25

l: 9  |  a: 0  |  b: 0
h: 0  |  s: 0  |  b: 10
hex: 414042
Pantone (PMS): 447


The colors chosen all work together seamlessly. You can incorporate any combination of the colors to achieve both variation in design and consistency in brand.


Aside from typography in any of our logos, the fonts below are the only ones that should be used in any company materials. Click the font preview to download the font from Google Drive.

Highest-Level Font
(for use in main headlines or other instances where a serif font is appropriate)

Mid to Low Level Font
(for use in titles and body copy)

Formatting Text
When working with any documents, use a moderate amount of spacing concerning character spacing and line spacing (see illustrations below). First: Proper spacing between characters and lines. Second: Improper character spacing – the characters are too close together. Last: Improper line spacing – the lines are too close together. The default setting of your program is likely the safest place to start when creating a document.

Logo Identity

Circle Mark
The circle mark with the "V" inside is the main mark of the branding. This mark may appear by itself. The importance of having a mark to develop an easily recognizable brand for the organization. This mark by itself differentiates our organization from others. There is no deep cryptic significance found in the mark, it is simply a representation of the "v" of "Via".


Script Logo
The script logo is the name "Via Church" displayed in a particular font with particular adjustments made to it. The script logo should never be written, but should always be a graphic image placed onto your document. The script logo should never appear by itself, but must always be accompanied with the circle mark appearing to the left of the script logo. You will notice that the font chosen is not one of our selected fonts. This is intentional and this font was chosen specifically for this application next to the circle mark.

Combination: Horizontal Presentation
The horizontal presentation is simply the circle mark and script logo together in a horizontal format. Your application of this version of our logo should be done based on the application space.

Combination: Vertical Presentation
The vertical presentation is simply the circle mark and script logo together in a horizontal format. Your application of this version of our logo should be done based on the application space.

Logo Sizing / Spacing

These diagrams show the recommended amount of "dead space" needed when using the Via Church logo. The measurements and spacing is based on the width of the "v" within the circle mark (as illustrated below).

Wording or other elements should abide by the spacing requirements and should never crowd the logo space. First: Correct - this is how proper spacing should look in any document. Last: Incorrect - this is an example of improper spacing. You can see that the logo is too crowded by the elements around it.

  Correct : This is how proper spacing should look in any document.
  Incorrect : This is an example of improper spacing. You can see that the logo is too crowded by the elements around it.

Maintain the Proper Proportions
The proportions of the logo have been set for branding purposes. These proportions should not be adjusted or modified. First: This logo has been placed with the proper proportions and has not been stretched or modified. Last: This logo has been placed and stretched vertically. This should never happen. Maintaining proper proportions is more important that trying to "fill a space" with the content.

Elements of the Logo
There are certain elements of the logo that may appear by themselves and others that must be accompanied. First: Correct - Full Logo (circle mark and script logo), Second: Correct - Circle Mark by itself, Last: Incorrect - Script Logo by itself.

Placement of Logo
When placed on a photo or other element, the logo should not have a white box around it. First: Correct - the logo appears on top of the photo. Last: Incorrect - the logo appears with a white box.


When placing the logo onto a background, make sure that it not does clash or blend in too deeply with the background. First: Correct - even though the logo doesn't stand out as much as white would, the blue does work with this background. Second: Incorrect - the logo becomes almost impossible to locate and recognize.

Email Signatures

All email signatures should maintain a consistent look across all emails coming from Via Church. The two options may be copied/pasted to establish the font, color, etc. You will obviously need to change the information to reflect your name, title, etc.

Option 1

Bob Dylan
Harmonica Pastor

Via Church
740 North Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85205
480 985 8121  •

Option 2

Bob Dylan • Harmonica Pastor
Via Church •

Additional Guidelines

Image Free Signature
Do not incorporate any images into your email signature.

Font: Sans Serif
Since our main font is not available in this application, you will need to choose a sans serif font that is simple and reflects the branding well.

Your signature should always be aligned to the left side of your message box.

The size of your font should be similar to your body font size of your email. As a general rule, 10pt is a good starting place.

The color should be dark gray. If you have the option to match our exact core color gray, do so. Otherwise, choose a gray that comes as close as possible to this shade of gray.

As stated above, you should be able to copy and paste the text above into your signature editing area to get started. Some applications may automatically adjust the font and color for you.