The purpose of this class is to develop leaders that we will help to undergird and lead our Via Communities in the future.

Below is a description of the heart of this 6-week class:

Developing a community group from the ground up can seem impossible. Many of us have had small group experiences that are old and stale. These groups are often socially awkward, and attending them week after week feels more like a chore than a life-giving experience that it could be. Or maybe we have no experience with real community and don’t even know where to start.
The goal of this series is to examine what it means to live out our faith in community in a way that bears fruit in our own backyards and glorifies the name of Jesus. This may require some rethinking of what it means to be a community group. I want to give you permission throughout this series to shake the Etch A Sketch of small groups and find the freedom to reimagine life in community. Challenge yourself to realize that community is a gift from God to support us during life’s trials, sustain us during life’s triumphs, and seek him as we live out his will here on earth.
— Brad House (Introduction from Community Group Guide)

Class Details

Session 1: The Foundation
Sunday, August 9
6 - 7:30pm (Location: The Chapel)

Session 2: Ownership
Sunday, August 16
6 - 7:30pm (Location: The Chapel)

Session 3: Redefining Community
Sunday, August 23
6 - 7:30pm (Location: The Chapel)

Session 4: Neighborhood
Sunday, August 30
6 - 7:30pm (Location: The Chapel)

Session 5: Spaces
Thursday, September 3*
6 - 7:30pm (Location: The Chapel)
*come hungry - we will have a meal for this session

Session 6: Rhythms
Sunday, September 13
6 - 7:30pm (Location: Main Auditorium)

$10 per person (or per couple)
(please pay either through our online giving or using a giving envelope and mark the other line: "Community Class")

You will need to purchase the following books prior to our first session. For our first session, you will need to read chapters 1 - 2 from the book below and be ready to discuss.

- BOOK -
Community: Taking Your Small Group Off Life Support

by Brad House (Crossway)

Community Group Guide

by Brad House (Resurgence Publishing)

Where to purchase?
We would recommend Amazon for online purchasing (from what we've seen the book is around $15 and the guide is around $10). For a local bookstore, we also recommend The Commons bookstore, located on the campus of Redemption Church (Gilbert).

Should my spouse join this class?
Yes! We desire that couples would journey together in the process of developing community. Please encourage your spouse to attend these sessions with you.

Will there be childcare for this class?
Yes, we will have childcare available at all the sessions. Please let us know the details regarding childcare in the registration below.


In order to best prepare for the class, we are asking that you register in advance.

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