Advent Giving

During Advent, we will be offering a great opportunity for you to participate in giving to our neighbors and those in our faith community through four weekends of “Advent Giving.” Giving is most valued at Christmas, because God initiated the first, most amazing, generous gift of all, Jesus Christ. During this Advent season, you will be invited to join us each weekend, in a different giving focus (see below for details on each weekend). Each week attendees will have the opportunity to bring the appropriate gifts to church with them, place them at the front of the platform  and we will distribute the gifts to the appropriate organizations and individuals. Give generously, with thanksgiving in your heart to Jesus Christ, God’s greatest gift.

Giving Opportunities

Fill a Bag-Feed a Family

November 29/30

We are partnering with both a local food bank and also a local elementary school to help feed families during the holidays. Grocery bags along with suggested shopping lists will be available for pick up in the courtyard.  Please bring in non-perishable items (note expiration dates please!) to be donated and place them on the front steps of the platform the weekend of November 29/30. 

Give to Community Presence

December 6/7

This is a great opportunity to give monetarily to help those in our community know that we are here and to make it easy for them when they attend.  Consider investing into this moment of our church’s history as we pave the road for generations to come.  We will be taking a special offering in the weekend services (December 6/7) that will go toward this project.

Give a Gift & Christmas Stockings

December 13/14

You will have two options: take a gift tag from the tree in the lobby of the Main Auditorium and purchase a gift for a child this Christmas season, and/or you can take a Christmas stocking and fill it with items from the list provided.  Bring the gift with the tag and/or the filled Christmas stocking during our weekend services (December 13/14) and place them on the front steps of the platform.

Give Time to Serve Others

December 20/21

Our time is valuable and each breath is a gift of God. Consider how you could give your time to others. We will provide a list of times to serve our community in January, February, and March as they reach out to our community. During the weekend of Dec 20/21 we will be asking you to commit to a time to volunteer with our teams.